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Empowered and innovative women


  • Desvelop learning capacity
  • Experience leadership and participation in activities
  • Build yourself as transversal axes in your community
  • Help women victims of domectic violence

The project is geared towards participation activity of mothers of families in the town of Mancora and its annexes. On of the main objectives is to obtain sustainably, quality, healthy and economical food products , based on cultivation practices and the use of natural fertilizers, organic and ecological fertilizers and insecticides. It is characterized by empowerement the particpants in the full learning of the doctrine and the practice of sustainable agricultural and livestock work, with the ability to replicate at the household level, with the projectionof becoming small and medium emporioums, depending on the investment capacity of each family. Another of the main objectives is the reading of poultry for posture with a rotating effect at the level of participating household. The execution of the project aims to achieve the goals set and have the resources that allows sustainability in the medium and long term.