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Our story begins with Maria's visionary dream of having a School and a Center for Rehabilitation for children and adults with special needs who grow up in conditions of poverty. Our foundation was born with the aim of supporting children and their families. Given this, in 2003 María fulfilled her dreams of founding the Apneyo association. The following story is not only that of Maria, but also that of our school “APNEYO”.

María's arrival to Máncora – A star in the north

María Luz Córdova Casimiro is an emigrant from the village "La Morada" located in Tingo Maria in the Peruvian Jungle. Due to the military excesses there in 1979 she had to leave involuntarily with her children and start over in Máncora from scratch. She faced the challenges of her new life and had her first home in a carob tree and cooked over wood in a stove made of clay blocks. For her work as "Bonemaker" (Empirical Traumatologist) she received fish in exchange for her work (barter) with which she fed her family. Even in this modest life situation, she Maria began to share. So she gave a part of her fish to other families. Because of her honest generosity we like to call Mary the North Star.

The beginning of the dream

Maria met many families and experienced a very painful situation with some mothers who had a child with a disability. Due to ignorance, they locked up and hid her children. To change this situation, María began to give the mothers therapeutic guidelines and with her “Miraculous Gift” skills (healing with hands and medicinal plants) she provided physical rehabilitation to the children. Her work was supported by many patrons and enabled professional diagnosis as well as the necessary operations for the children.

First improvements

One of the first improvements of his dedicated social work was to achieve the supply of electricity from 7 to 10 at night in the town of Máncora in collaboration with Father Martín. Besides that, she also supported the Peruvian Red Cross. As an important next step to provide more education for the children, she was able to coordinate with the I.E. “Micaela Bastidas” will provide a classroom. Later, thanks to María's personal efforts, Mayor Manolo Casanova managed to build a place in the Nicaragua neighborhood that would be used as a library, mothers club, dining room and amusement park. It was the new mayor Florencio Olivos who finally handed over the building, but it was not used by the community. Thanks to the effort made, it was possible for Mayor Enrique Cruz Rosas, that the premises were transferred into use until 2009. The building was used in its entirety for social projects. Due to misunderstandings, the right to use the premises for Maria's educational and rehabilitation project was canceled in year 2010. Always with an eye on the future, María began planning the creation of her own school and rehabilitation.

With the help of a large group of supporters, Maria began to search for a formal foundation for her future school. It was meant to be for children with different abilities and Children of Extreme Poverty from Máncora and the surrounding towns, Los Órganos, El Alto, El Angolo, Barrancos and Canoas de Punta Sal. In September 2003 she and several mothers founded the Association for Special Children and Others (APNEYO as it stands in Spanish ) “Divino Niño Jesús” – Máncora. It was registered in the Electronic Record 11023737, then it was registered in Sunat with RUC N°20484136841, with access to the registry of non-profit entities for income tax, later it obtained the qualification as a non-profit entity that receives donations, it was enrolled in APCI as IPREDA secured and made possible funding for the construction (and later for the running costs) of the school through donations.

The foundation of the “APNEYO” association

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Vision & Mission ❤ Therefore, we realized...

Our vision:

  • Promote and provide quality educational, productive, ecological and environmental protection services. environment.
Our Mision:

  • Promote the spirit of training and professional formation of our educators, in search of develop the strengths and abilities of students with different abilities and included, through in order to constitute an educational community with high values, modern and ecological infrastructure, developing innovative and productive projects that guarantee the quality of education in harmony with coexistence and care for the environment.
Social service 19 years
  • We support children with disabilities so that they can lead happy lives and self-sufficient This is accomplished through specialized education and therapy.
  • If necessary, we ask for psychological and neurological reports.
  • Promotion of social behavior of all children with and without disabilities through inclusive classes. As well as promoting the social acceptance of diversity.
Social service 19 years
  • Relief and help for parents of children with disabilities through conferences and consultations with teachers and therapists.
  • Strengthen the group of parents through joint activities and exchanges.
  • Additionally, our school is open to low-income families.
Social service 19 years
  • To ensure a good standard in our education and therapy, we place a high value on the continuous training of specialized personnel.
Social service 19 years
  • We built 75% of our school with rustic-ecological materials and on a forest dry. Therefore, there is an ecological diversity of different species of birds, trees and plants.
  • We raise awareness in the production and management of garbage. For example, we carry out projects such as the creation of cloth bags to use as an alternative to plastic bags plastic.

Our team ❤ and our board

Cordova Casimiro, Maria Luz

Oruna Cordova, Maria Luz

Lizama Celi, Pascual Miguel

Lopez Cordova, Elizabeth Jannet

Margarita Mariana Lopez Cordova

Liliana Lopez Cordova


We are looking forward to receiving more donations and sponsors so that our private educational institution continues to exist in the future. A current project is the construction of a lodging to house more volunteers. On the other hand, we hope that knowledge about dealing with children with disabilities continue to increase and that acceptance and help are found in society. In this way we want to be a model to follow as a school. “There is more joy in giving than in receiving” (Acts 20:35).

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There were many people who, with their financial help and their special knowledge, helped build the school in the 01/05/2011 The Architect Mario Lara Oroza donated the architectural design of the current "School and Rehabilitation Center" and later also the design of the current Auditorium - Hostel „University of Life and the Environment Atmosphere". Maria's treatment for an ankle condition led him to make this generous donation. Mr. Ignacio De Romaña Letts, whose painful kneecap Maria had treated successfully, he donated the entire budget for materials and labor to the construction of the school and the rehabilitation center. The construction of the "Rehabilitation Center and School" was completed with a construction composed of 25% noble material and 75% rustic-ecological materials (wood and bamboo cane). which is raised on a natural dry forest, where they inhabit a diversity ecological of birds, trees and plants such as carob, Aloe Vera or Perlillo (Cuncun).
Maria also gained many other sponsors through her her treatments. Don Ángel Ramón Solanilla is one of the members of this group that is godfather to many children and sponsor of several operations. Another group of sponsors are businessmen like Mr. Fernando Belmont Anderson and Mr. Fernando Belmont Dauelsberg. with donations from his company Unique S.A. are helping to cover the expenses of school operation. Mr. José Rizo Patrón Buckley and his company Tecniseguros SAC also continuously supports APNEYO. And there are many other important names to mention: Mr. José Chlimper Ackerman, Fortunato Po, Cesar López-Doriga Teus, Jorge López- Doriga Tovar, Rafael Arenas, Virginia Wiesse; Barbara Salchli, Michell Alcolti Gil Morey, Tati del Carpio, Georgiana Benavides, Lía Drinot, María Irene Obsbert Santolalla, Marium de Belmont, Nedda Alberghini, Maria Isabel Rosales Gómez-Sánchez, Brenda Zambrano and many others friends and family who have supported the school from the beginning.
Today our school employs 22 people and has a capacity for care for 100 children with and without disabilities. A place for physiotherapy and speech therapy is directly integrated into the school. The same time, we attach great importance to strengthening families with children with disabilities through joint activities and specialized training. If necessary, we also ask for reports psychological and neurological to be able to offer a more specific to children. We attach great importance to training of specialized personnel and the preservation of an environment ecological.

Help us to help ❤ "There is more joy in giving than in receiving" (Acts 20:35)

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