About us ❤ In the difference is equality and we are all unique and unrepeatable.

We are a Non-Governmental Organization, non-profit, constituted as a private associative legal person. Our existence is limited to providing services in education specialized therapy, physical rehabilitation, speech therapy and therapy occupational, for the benefit of people (children, youth and adults), from low-income families and vulnerable populations.


The Association is created to help children with different abilities, education, rehabilitation, workshops, medical evaluations and basic needs.

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❤ Service, commitment and love ❤

What do we do? 🤝 Welcome to Apneyo Mancora volunteering ❤

The objective is to be a decentralized association at the national level to help and prevail the laws and integrate them into society so that they are Independent, Productive and Happy.

We hold

We always find a way to maintain and seek funding to support the school through donations. Considering that we are the only center that provides specialized education and rehabilitation.

We educate

Over time we have trained to provide quality specialized educational services, taking great care of the values that we impart to our children.

We strengthen

We constantly seek to strengthen our innovative strategies in order to contribute to the academic training of our beneficiary population.

We build networks

The work with volunteers and donors has been favorable and interesting, which is why we want to sustain this network of contacts and allies. who contribute to our comprehensive project.

We provide care

Each area of our project aims to take care of the environment; that is why education is associated with the mission of the UN sustainable development goals.

We consult

We are always in communication with our children, our parents and the community to create a healthy and good education that we can.

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Help others whenever you can. Your contribution, however small it may seem, counts a lot, we really appreciate it.

Transparency ❤ There is a plan and a purpose, a value for every life, regardless of location, age, gender or disability.

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Our team ❤ and our board

Cordova Casimiro, Maria Luz

Oruna Cordova, Maria Luz

Lizama Celi, Pascual Miguel

Lopez Cordova, Elizabeth Jannet

Margarita Mariana Lopez Cordova

Liliana Lopez Cordova

Areas ❤ Our work areas

Educational area

Therapy area

Environmental area

Entrepreneurship area

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